Salty or sweet?

News| 7th September 2020
Salty or sweet?
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What’s your weakness? And doesn’t indulgence of it bring that little moment of joy!

We’ve done the all important job of finding the ultimate food indulgences that are lined up for you at Lake Haven Centre.
Oh, no matter your game (salty or sweet), we’ve got you covered!

Got burger urges?​

The humble burger isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Make your way through some of our most mouth- watering options
Small or supersized, beef or buttermilk chicken there’s a burger to impress all tastes. Hack: for a burger that’s jaw-droppingly big, squash with your hand and cut in half so it’s more manageable!

Red Rooster
Hungry Jacks

Life is short, make it sweet.​

They say you are what you eat, so make it sweet. Donuts for the win. With a 100% fat free centre you might as well reach for a box of Donut King’s glazed yumminess.
Have your cake and eat it too at The Cheesecake Shop.
Ice cream, you scream we all scream for Ice Cream! What's your favourite from Coles, ALDI or Woolworths?

The health kicker?​

From a freshly squeezed juice from Boost Juice to a nutritious salad from Soul Origin, who ever said food courts weren’t​ healthy?​

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