The ultimate list of budget-friendly school holiYAY activities

News| 2nd July 2024
The ultimate list of budget-friendly school holiYAY activities
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If you’re looking for school holiday activities that won’t break the bank, we’ve got you covered.

There are so many activities you can do locally or at home to keep kids entertained. We’ve created a list, plus where to find any supplies you may need!

Bake treats for a tea party

This activity doesn’t just keep kids entertained while they’re enjoying their tea party, but preparing the food can keep them busy all morning.

 Some easy tea party treats for kids could include; fruit salad, savoury muffins, pita pockets, banana bread, or sausage rolls. You can find all your ingredients and picnic supplies at Coles and Woolworths in centre.

Make landscape art

 Take a walk or drive out to a scenic spot, bring some drawing or painting materials, and make some art of the landscape around you!

 Older kids could experiment with water or oil-based paints, while younger kids could use glue to create a piece with nature itself, such as leaves, grass, flowers, pebbles, sticks and more.

 You’ll find kids art supplies at Crazy Bargains and Hot Bargain in centre.

At-home cinema

 This isn’t just a movie night – it’s an at-home cinema! The difference can be as simple as some popcorn and cushion seating. You can even involve the kids in making extra snacks during the afternoon, like baked treats, veggie sticks or milkshakes. 

 Lastly, create the space by moving any extra furniture out of the area, and putting down some extra cushions or even beanbags. You can shop for simple cosy lounge additions at Kmart.

Biscuit decorating can be a low supervision and low-cost way to keep kids entertained for hours. Plus, they can then give out their creations as gifts for family members, neighbours or friends they visit. All you need to get started is your baking ingredients and simple decorating supplies like decorative lollies, edible glitter, cake sprinkles, and an icing piper.

Some biscuit decoration ideas include;

-          Tea cup biscuits, made by putting a marshmallow on top of your biscuit, with half lifesaver lolly attached to the side as a handle.

-          Smiley face biscuits, with lollies or coloured icing for the facial features

-          Sandwich biscuits, made by placing jam or icing in between two biscuits. You could even cut small circles out of the top biscuit (before they go into the oven) to allow a space for the filling to shine through.

-          Mini fruit salads, with an icing layer and fresh diced fruit on top. The icing will help keep the fruit attached and stop juice from soaking through the biscuit.

Find decorating supplies at Robins Kitchen and Kmart.
Explore the local area

 School holidays can be a great opportunity to discover what’s nearby, especially if there’s parks, playgrounds, walks or trails nearby we haven’t visited! 

 To make this extra fun for kids, consider bringing some equipment to explore, like binoculars, a magnifying glass, and a notebook or scrapbook to write down or collect what they find.

For outdoor wear and toys for your next adventure, visit Kmart.

Not only is this an easy activity for kids of any age, but they can even give out their Christmas in July cards to family and friends, or even make some for teachers and classmates when they return to school.

Get started with crafting supplies from Crazy Bargains.

 With a few budget-friendly activity ideas, you can turn any day into a holiYAY this winter. You can always stop by Lake Haven Centre for any supplies you might need.

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