Gift Guide for Dad

15 Aug 2019

Dad can be a little more difficult that Mum to buy for.

He probably doesn't want a bunch of flowers, might not enjoy a card so much and hey, some father's can't even be impressed with the ol' breakfast in bed solution like mum can.
Without playing too much into the stereotypical Father's Day gifts: Tools, fishing or sports equipment, maybe some alcohol... We've come up with a couple of ideas for a few other types of Dad.


1. Jewellery

Long been the gift selection for wives, mothers and daughters... basically every female around him. Why not add something special to the collection for the modern Father. A statement piece such as a Watch, cufflinks or a bracelet.
Talk to one of our many specialist Jewellers regarding a special piece to suit his style. 

2. Haircut (and beard trim)

Wether he is a regular visitor to the Barber or needs a little coaxing regularly, some time in the chair can make any man feel refreshed. With 2 specialist barbers in Centre, bring him in and pick up the tab.

3. Massage, laser treatment (or maybe even a facial)

Giftcards can be a brilliant thoughtful gift when they come from the right place. Your father might need to release some tension and a massage is perfect. Has he mentioned extensive hair that needs trimming or maybe a not-so-subtle hint to do some manscaping is in order... level up his self-care with a facial?

4. Adventure or Getaway Plan

Time may be what this dad craves. Unwind or surges of adrenanline... really is up to you (or him). Chat with a travel professional and be inspired (or simply organised). 

5. Optical or Audio Assistance

Life gets in the way. Is dad moving things a little too close to his face? Maybe missing details in conversations that could be overcome? Unfortunately aging happens to us all, but it doesn't mean we need to ignore. He might just need someone to push him into a store to have a checkup.  

6. A coffee machine or Coffee Voucher

A machine for home can be a daunting purchase. Fortunately, Kmart have produced this purchasing guide. Alternatively, many of our coffee shops offer vouchers to keep him caffinated. 

7. Create a gift hamper

Think of all the little things that bring your Dad joy. Sweet Surprises have oodles of candy, sweet drinks and savoury food surprises. Maybe a joke gift or two from the likes of Roni's or Hot Bargain. 


The point being, you can spend a lot or a little to bring your Father joy on his day no matter who he is. You might even influence him while you're at it.