31 Aug 2020

With spring almost upon us, it's high time to start looking for ways to make the most of the great outdoors. Because is there really anything better than the smell of freshly cut grass and a neighbour's BBQ?
We’ve prepared some family favourites to try when the sun is shining. ​

Scootin' around​

Every child (and adult's) favourite outdoor activity. Bikes and scooters to zip around the neighbourhood can be found at Kmart.

Crafternoon in the sun​

Grab some chalk from Crazy Bargain Warehouse, some masking tape from The Reject Shop and create your own masterpieces on your driveway or outdoor pavement. Trust us, for such little equipment and thought, it's a hit with the little ones!

Budding green thumb

Why not enlist the help of your mini-me whilst doing the gardening next? Chances are, they want to play copy-cat and help out, even if that does mean shovelling dirt. Make it an afternoon of family fun! ​


Explore the local neighbourhood. 
Rediscover walking tracks close by.
Hunt down some play areas you've not seen before or forgotten about. 

What activities do you enjoy when the weather gets warmer?