Rock ‘til you drop! 60s and 70s performers through the lens of Les Allen

19 Feb 2019

Relive the glory days of Australian Rock and Roll with a great display at Lakehaven branch library.


From Monday 25 February to Friday 22 March 2019, you can view rare performance photographs of legends such as the Bee Gees, Dinah Lee, Johnny O’Keefe; Little Pattie; Sandy Scott and many more, all courtesy of the fantastic collection of late Gosford photographer Les Allen.


“Back in the 1960s and 70s Les Allen took photographs of practically every performance of every rock and pop artist who played at the Central Coast Leagues Club. His collection is preserved by Central Coast Library Service. It contains unique photographs that capture the mood of the times. You get a real sense of the raw energy of many of these artists who went on to become household names. The collection includes Bandstand favourites, rockers and one-hit wonders. These were the people who created the soundtrack of your life.


The display can be viewed during regular Lake Haven Library opening hours.